Sunday, August 30, 2009

What I have been doing to-day

This is the Wall Angel I bought at the Peach Festival for $15 dollars thought
she was a steel!
Well I decided it was time to finish off some of my pieces I have had hanging around. One or might I say eight of them are Christmas Ornis from JCS. Shepards Bush 2000 years ago and In a Stable if you are looking for the patterns now that's how they are released.

I found out that when I dragged them out that I was missing the last one. I knew I had it because I had already completed the set as pillow ornis for my grandma. So I was on the hunt for the last one, the matching material (which was potatoe) and the threads and off I went stitching last night and this afternoon finished it up.

So what I had in mind was a wall hanging and now that I sorta know how to quilt I'm all set. So yesterday I headed down to Lens Mill. I bought three diffrent types of fabric because didn't I forget to bring to pieces with me duh!

Anyhow today I had the task of putting them together and it turned out pretty good except one thing. When I sprayed some spray starch some of the border ran into the material on the bottom left. Oh I was so mad. Couldn't soak the whole thing because I couldn't risk the rest bleeding did the best I could I hope it dosen't stand out to much!

Well here's the top now I have to quilt it now. Don't really know what I'm going to put on it yet.

Happy Stitching


  1. This will be beautiful when finished. Be always in stitches.

  2. That's a great idea for those pieces instead of framing them. Saves a lot of money and is going to be wonderful when finished!

  3. That looks great! I have a yearning for these patterns myself - I didn't discover JCS until two years ago, so I have some but not all... I don't have much money to spare, so I'll have to wait. They won't go out of print tomorrow, will they? *hoping*


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