Tuesday, August 4, 2009

With a Little Help from my MOM......Luv you Mom

Mom's cat 'Marbles'

Well the week at camp was sure an adventure!
Between Rain, Thunder and Lightning everyday, the only days it didn't rain were the ones where I headed to the States to shop (twice) or to Mackinaw to celebrate my 2nd Anniversary with my husband.

Here are some pictures from camp...

This was our first night there. My hubby (left) and our
two friends. Pretty sad when you have to sit at camp
under an umbrella at the camp fire!!

My dad and hubby

Lake Superior--Batchawana Bay--where hubby and I got married

The big Mac Bridge

Ok I know you probably want to see what I got accomplished so here feast your eyes on this baby I was very glad --in a way I was able to stitch
now I'm sick of stitching her I worked all week on her...

My mom finished the binding and two sides of stitching on my quilt this week. I am sooo happy that she can help me sew because I can't.. I try but things just don't sew my way lol.

Anyways more later....

Happy Stitching...I'm going to work on something else this week and keep working on my other quilt I hope.



  1. Welcome home. Gotta love a campfire with umbrella's and sound effects! The pics are great and now that you are home we will have to try to get together and be always in stitches.

  2. Yes we will have to get together!!


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