Friday, September 18, 2009


I got an overdyed fabric in the mail today, not really happy with it. It is much darker then the pattern shows in there picture is there a way to lighten is . If with bleach what would the concentration be and how long before I wash it out??



  1. Id try just washing it in very warm water first. Sometimes those overdyed fabrics aren't very colorfast anyway so it might lighten up enough with just a good wash.

  2. Bleach, omg run for a tiny drop may work but very little. Maybe sit it in the sun for a bit but what ever you do be always in stitches.

  3. I'd try washing it first and see what happens in some really warm water. As far as the bleach, I tried that once and can't remember the concentration - a few drops in some water - it took all the color out.

  4. i wouldn't even think of putting bleach in the water. The hand dyed fabric is dyed a certain way. The bleach will distort the way the colour is in the fabric. I agree with just washing it in warm water or let the sun bleach it out

  5. Definitely NOT bleach. But several warm water washes might help.

  6. Gosh! Hope it's not too late for a comment.
    NO bleach, it breaks the delicate linen down way to much.
    Most of the time the photo's are so different color anyway. Try a floss toss and go with a different thread color if you have too.

  7. Let us know how you made out Tammy.


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