Monday, September 21, 2009


Well Hockey Season had dawned upon my house. Time for a lot of hearing my husbands yelling at the t.v. and talking to his hockey buddy in Quebec.....Someone please save me!!!!!

The good thing is that he usually only watches the Flames or Habs play and I can stitch and sorta ignore the t.v while spending some time with him. Who invented center ice...I think they should be hunted down!.....only kidding I like hockey but I would rather be at the game.
Hubby and me are planning date nite to go see buffalo and the flames in November. I am actually looking forward to it!!

Have been stitching on the angel I have to meet the deadline for our SAL in November. I am not a person that only works on 1 project anymore but with 3 large ones on the go I at least want to complete one before starting another big one!! Especally since the angel had been taking forever the deadline has already helped to move her a long a little quicker then usual. I will have an update probably thursday, right now you probably can't even tell what I stitched on it.

Happy Tuesday and Happy Stitching



  1. I'm a Habs fan although I don't get to watch hockey like I used to.

  2. Without SAL deadlines I would hardly have any finishes. :) Can't wait for your update!

  3. HI!! I'm very nice to meet you!
    Hugs Penny ^_^


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