Saturday, September 19, 2009


Ok Here's the scoop....(I wish it was oreo ice cream oh well)

I got most of your comments before i did the deed and some I got after (Ranae). Thanks for all the help didn't work. Well the warm water rinses, hot water rinses, soaks ect. Nothing worked sooooo I did use the awful smelly stuff that you guys recommend not too. I was just that much unhappy with the color of the material, and the sun doesn't shine that much here anymore so that was out of the question.

So I got it to come out lighter with a few drops and soaking it. So I am much more pleased with it. I am very sorry though I feel guilty not taking your advice after you had been so kind to comment. But I will make a promise..actually two!

1. I will never use it again on my fabric.
2. I will never purchase hand dyed fabric on line I will buy it at a cross stitch store.

Well today accomplish some items on my to do list....

*got moose threads together (missing some colours have to go to Micheals on Monday)
*got 1 of the bright ideas for my giveaway 50% completed
* weighed in and stayed the same (the last 20 lbs just won't budge!)
*went to Lowes and found tile for my Kitchen and brought samples home for DH to see
and went and had a fish o fillet at MacDonalds...yeah I know I shouldn't have been it was my treat for the week. (got the munchies now though lol)
*curled up with Hugh Jackman and Wolverine tonight

Tomorrow hopefully I'll be able to work on the Angel some more and finish that darn stupid blue dragging out colour and be able to move my q-snaps over. Maybe I'll do the birds too around her skirt.

Well talk to you soon thanks again for all the comments.
Hint: my giveaway will be more then one drawing and will contain maybe a toy or two (Jayne LOL)



  1. Well, I guess if it worked and you're happy, all the best :o) I wouldn't discontinue from ordering hand dyed fabrics online though. If you're not sure of the color, email the company and they can answer any questions or give you advice. That's usually what I do.

    Okay, I have to ask because I think I must have missed something...what is this moose project?

  2. I'm glad it worked out and you're happier with the fabric now. I would have been shaking in my boots! I'd love to see a before and after picture of the fabric.

    I agree with Pumpkin re: ordering on-line. If you're unsure about a fabric, email them and ask them to compare it to a DMC color or a fabric color you are familiar with. There are so many available that no brick and mortar shop can carry them all.


  3. It is sooo easy to dye your own fabrics; you should give it a try.

    I'm glad you got your fabric to work for you!

  4. I'm glad that it worked - working with bleach can be tricky business. I have the same problem with getting fabric - no LNS around that really carries it so it's always a crap shoot. I just end up writing down what I see with other people's blogs and going with that. It's worked so far.

  5. a toy or two? Wow, I guess we all better stock up on the batteries eh. lol only kidding Tammy, be always in stitches.

  6. check out the sept 6th post Pumpkin, or the label Moose


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