Thursday, September 17, 2009

Catching up!!

OK Jayne here is the pattern I was talking about.

Here is an update of the angel. I guess now I have set my deadline for November to get her done cause some stitcher friends want to start a Wednesday SAL. Ok I will do my darnedest. I just wish I was done that stupid colour in her skirt that my dear hubby thinks is white!:)

Anyhow I have stash waiting for me at the post office and I can't get my hands on it till tomorrow morning before work doesn't that suck. Then I have to go to work! Oh well what am I going to do!

I have decided to for go everything this weekend accept going to weight watchers (the choc. ice cream and mcdonalds probably did me in this week to gain oh well) and going to Lowes to find tile-maybe. I think I am going to figure out what to give away for my blogoversary and stitch. It seems everyone like assortments from checking out others so I am hoping that mine will be good enough to get some people interested in it and my blog too.

Well Vamp Diaries is coming on and I should stitch now tah tah for now
Happy Stitching!



  1. Your angel is looking fabulous!

  2. hey, I got it, stitched it about 7 years ago and it is at Brenda's on display. thanx and have fun opening the stash from the mail. and no for Tara. Have fun at lowes but be always in Flippen stitches.

  3. Oh, she's beautiful Tammy! I love her angels. I have Angel of Hope in my stitching room :o)

    I wouldn't worry about what to give out Tammy. Do what you want to do. People should feel lucky that they are receiving something.


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