Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Just a quick post because its late and I'm mad!!!

I was working on the angels wings thinking oh I might even be able to finish the first out of three colours tonight when I noticed I was 1.....ONE thread off!!!!!!GRRRRR
So the Frog fairy came to visit me and I had to rip back 50% of what i have stitched last night and tonight and tomorrow I guess I will be re-stitching the colour again!!!

Just because I want her done and finished...now I'll have to go read a bit to calm down before I can fall asleep. Stupid stupid stupid its my own fault for racing!

Giveaways were mailed out today.


  1. I'm sorry. I hate when that happens.

  2. So sorry that froggy came to visit.

  3. Well, you know,,, up there in the sky so high there are little tiny dust particles which could have happened along ever so innocently and made it right smack into that spot and when they are up there in flight, who knows about one tiny little stitch. Oh you have much to see... be always is stitches,

  4. Im so sorry that the frogs came for a visit. May they hop off to another pond and stay there - just not mine lol

  5. I know that feeling all to well! You are so close to seeing a finish :) I hope the frogs stay away in the future!

  6. UGH. I hate when that happens! I'm sorry the frogs came to visit. Hopefully, they'll go back to where they came and let you finish up your piece.

  7. we all hope you feel better soon. take care and be always in stitches


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