Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend Accompishment ...when mommy's away

Well no where near done I'll be 50% done tonight so hoping to have her done by the weekend because I have a feeling I'll be busy.
Have to work next Saturday, then having a new roomie move in as I mentioned (its a friend of DH) and with the rest of the painting I want to get done and get the Christmas lights up before we get the dreaded "S" word.

I just found out Taylor Swift is coming here in May and because of stupid work I can't get the tickets to go!!! aaaahah I have been waiting and waiting this soooo sucks!! I am hoping my ggod friend can and wants to get them for me!

Here is my update of my fairy


  1. Halloween fairy looks wonderful!

  2. Looks great! I will keep my fingers crossed that you may be able to go see Taylor Swift! I bet it would be a great time!

    Happy Stitching for now!

  3. Halloween Fairy is looking great.
    I sure hope you get to go see Taylor

  4. You are making good progress with Halloween fairy!


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