Thursday, November 5, 2009

Carol Singers Sampler

Well I am in Love but hell no......This would be a matching piece...but the pattern I can afford its the threads aggggg

67.00 and 9 dollars just for the thread packs and the pattern is only 14.99.
Anybody got a good idea for a help Tammy fundraiser? Haha only kidding.

Carol Singers Sampler

Really Tired tonight Greys was awesome looking forward to getting off earlier tomorrow so I can finish my fairy and then start on the rest of my orni's. Wow only 27 days till the Christmas get together and exchange. Not much time when you have to stupidly work 6 days a week this month.
Oh well got to pay off the Christmas shopping and the presents from the stitching shop too!

Happy Stitching Everyone......and hope the snow isn't flying yet in your neighborhood!



  1. What and start another one??? lol. and what is this 27 day thing we don't count down for that, it just appears out of nowhere and bam there it is. Some finished ornies, some not so finished. lol
    Be always in stitches. I guess if we want finished ornies, I'd best get off my but to help out here.
    Be always in stitches.

  2. What's another one to do - LOL. Have a good weekend and Happy Stitching!


  3. I know! Isn't it gorgeous? The thread packs are SO pricey though :o(


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