Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cutness of the day (not mine lol)

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Hooked on Stitches

Well I got a surprise when I got home today. Went into the kitchen and found my husband with huge red marks on his forehead! You don't want to know what happened.
My husband the 6'2 man would think to look before walking under low garage doors well nope he didn't and the door came down a bit just as he was passing under it. Needless to say he will have questions being asked for the next couple of days :)

After a yummy supper that my hubby cooked. I got to watch my Y&R and stitch a bit still not done the fairy yet and I have to do the spider webs and I hate back stitch that ends up between the holes it never looks right. Any tips??
Well since i can't afford the threads for the new VS chart. I am going to start another one by her after I get two more ornies done that is. Then I will actually have more projects on the go they I have ever has oh well maybe it will keep my interest up longer. Hopefully it won't do the opposite effect!

Anyhow I need to go to bed long day tomorrow and Stitch nite. At least I get a break from home one night a week.

Happy Stitching


  1. What is it with men and garage doors... I have a good story for that one too, just ask Jayne lmao.

  2. Jayne @ stitchalongmyfriends.blogspot.comNovember 11, 2009 at 6:17 AM

    omg I was just going to say the exact thing...lol dicks & doors...I am still chuckling about the first one...too funny. See you tonight but have a great day and Be always in stitches.

  3. Too funny about the garage door. My husband has done that a few times. You wonder where their minds are when they're walking around. Love the kitten picture.

  4. That's nice to have a day off :o) Poor DH!

  5. Sorry about DH's garage door run-in! I'm sure he will be creative when explaining this one :) Love the kitten picture! Glad you had a nice dinner and enjoyable evening at home too!

    See you tonight!

  6. Ouch about the door. That's the one thing to be glad about being short: no hitting your head.

    All for the cobwebs, I just couch all the metallic backstitches, so I'm not help there~

  7. Sorry to hear about your hubby hitting his head, it sounds painful! My only advice for backstitch and with metallic too is avoid it at all costs :) LOL. Sorry I'm not much help but I hate both but have done backstitch in between holes before and you just kinda have to go with it.


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