Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Me is Back

So I am suppose to post tonight because a certain someone thankfully picked up my stitching order from the shop and made a comment that she wanted to see more then a line or too :) in my post .

It was Wed-stitch-day at Jaynes and 12 of the girls came out. It was also the start of a Sister Sal. A few of us have decided tonight would be our start date to start a biggie together. We will only stitch it on Wednesdays and Saturdays only. So I am starting my Moose which is really called Power in the mist.

Wow looks like a lot doesn't it! It will be a while before it does the pattern is 9 pages.

My fairy is giving me grief.....froggys came to visit the pumpkin..I have to rip out left side its not matching up. I have lernt its not good stitching when your tired!! And what is with how the webs are laid out do I stitch every stitch or do I make long stitches or three stitches in 1 long stitch?? Confused I guess I"ll have to play with it a while more this week!! Hopefully before Saturday I will have it completed.

Now my Last thought of the day is...........if you get a fever DO NOT PANIC and rush to the Dr's.
Dr's are prescribing Tamiful something awful up here and you know we are going to get that super super bug if they are not more careful!!!!!!!!!!
I am totally tired of all this crap but if it isn't one thing its another (by the way I work in a pharmacy)

Jayne just for you........
stupid stupid stupid...nice to know NHL teams get the vaccine before people with cancer and life threatening illness, makes me sick!! I guess money talks as usual!!

Happy Stitching Thursday I'm heading to bed 10 1/2 hr shift tomarrow hopefully won't be too busy...the Christmas Stuff is being put out and I want to see all the goodies and gift sets!!



  1. lol. The power of the mist will be awesome and interesting to see the two of them at different start positions and progression. Have a fun time looking at all the Christmas goodies coming out today and Be always in stitches.

  2. I played around with the webs on my ToT Fairy. I did long and short stitches. HTH :o)


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