Monday, November 30, 2009

Tick Tock

OMG time is a running out......
Potluck is on Wednesday and I have to get my S*** together. I am always so organized but lately really out of sorts. I still have to finish then ornament and go to the grocery store tomorrow and then make goodies. I think I will have a very busy Tuesday night!! I luv Christmas but I honestly hate doing all the finishing for ornaments its so piddly oh well I'll suck it up. If you don't give you don't receive.
Maybe I'll get some of my stitching mojo back too while I'm at it! (I hope)


  1. Oh, I share your pain. I'm still in the midst of the Christmas panic. Still stitching ornaments, have 26 to finish (major YCK!), and more shopping to do. And all I really want to do is start a new project.
    (Can you hear the whine in my voice?)

  2. well Buttercup, time is a ticking for sure. I am so looking forward to our SS Christmas Dinner, and I too, still have some finishing to accomplish today. HA.
    Be always in stitches.


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