Wednesday, December 23, 2009

last sleep......

Tonights the last sleep for me before Santa comes. Since my husband will be home and not working Christmas Eve we will be celebrating the Eve like his family has always done at midnight after church although we will not be going to church.

My friend will be celebrating with us this year. She is Muslim so it will be her first Christmas. I hope she enjoys it and has a lot of fun. I think I will be working on her computer and teaching her how to use some of her Christmas gifts lol.

Anyhow work was super busy and I expect the same tomorrow. Short shift though only 9-3.
Our potluck went without a problem and I went and weighed in today before the break and all the good food...lost 2.4 lbs and officially have only about nine lbs to go to meet goal yeah.

We had a great stitch night for the ones who made it out. I got a couple more colours done on my page. I stopped at the post office on my way home and a package was there I think its my material for my Haed design...haven't even looked at it yet.....hmmmmm can't wait to start it gotta get my booty going on Inspiration!!

May you have a peaceful and joyous Christmas


  1. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Enjoy every aspect of the time. and Be always in stitches.


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