Tuesday, December 8, 2009

SNOW...I swore sorry!

There I said it...we are going to receive our first dump of snow tonight sometime so driving in the morning will be a nightmare. Thank God i don't start till 10. Way past rush hour.

I actually stitched tonight...sat my butt in its place and worked on Inspiration it is really fun to stitch and I am loving it. I will post an update when I have the page I'm working on done I'm have 50% of the page done in one night so thats pretty good. Now if only the moose would stitch up that fast.....we will see tomorrow I guess.

Got all my Christmas cards sent out except a few special ones that I will get out on Friday. I have 1 package to mail out too on Friday then I think Christmas is taken care of....maybe ...I seem to find something else that I come up with or remember that I want or have to do.

Got to tell you about my sat shift...for those of you who do not know I work for a chain as a pharmacy technician and the pharmacist I was working with was grossing me right out. You know things happen, noises are made gas happens! But what happens when you are stuck in a confined space with a co-worker you don't even know ripping out wet, loud ones, one after the other during a 6 hr shift not having any manners and around customers what do you do? (yes it was a man). I laugh about it now but that shift was horrible wish I had earplugs or maybe I should have went out and got him some Beano or gas-x from aisle 6 lol. OMG what a day!!!!!!!

Well I am off to finish reading Breaking Dawn again for the 6th time...yes I'm a little obsessed ok.

Happy Stitch Wednesday...I hope I can get to Jaynes in the snow!! (If I don't show up you know why...my husband wouldn't let me lol he tends to keep me at home when its bad even though he knows I've driven in worse since I'm a northern girl lol)


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  1. Well silly, if the roads are too bad don't even try, just stitch. We'll all understand. but come anyway...lol hey if your stitching at home, just let out the odd laugh and you will be with us in spirit.
    Be always in stitches.


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