Thursday, December 17, 2009

Some things I luv......

I was thinking all the sort of things that I really like now that I am the age I am compared to when I was younger, and what I do appreciate. Read on if you wanna know the list might be long lol.

Tootsie Rolls
Old fashioned Santas
Taylor Swift
My Mom and Dad
Fleece Sheets and Sleeping In
My Cats/Pets
My Star De Tailor
Sewing Machine (although it does irritate me most often)
Having Car and not having to wait out in the cold
My grandmas hand crocheted afghan (shes passed on)
Homemade gifts
My moms handmade quilts
My dads handy fix anything skills
New Stitching Friends
Having time to Stitch
Enjoying work for the first year ever!
My moms homemade jam cake :( haven't had it for a while)
periogies (spelt wrong)
Christmas Lights
Spending quality time with my husband

Boy there are sure a lot of things and I am sure I didn't even list everything but it makes you think how silly some things are and also how some things change from things you didn't like to ones you luv!

My prayers are with our stitching sister and may everyone remember how good it feels to give without the expectation of receiving! My husband and I have fallen down on this job this year, and I am not proud of it ( I still might go out) we/I usually support a toy drive of the season in memory of my grandfather who did it every year also. But I just haven't done it. I hope to find/make some time to get out and do this last year I donated to the firefighters toy drive and it was handy because they were right in the entrance to Wal-mart. Maybe I'll go check it out on my way home from work Saturday. It makes you feel so good to help out especially when you have some extra money to give when everyone is so hurting for jobs.

This post is all over the place thats what happens when I just keep typing what I'm thinking at the time.

Happy Stitching and yes I did stitch some of the Moose tonight


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  1. It is always nice to be able to help others when you can. I didn't work on the Loon but did pick up the TW 2000 for a bit.
    Be always in stitches.


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