Thursday, January 7, 2010

ho hum

Do you ever have one of those days where you wanted to leave work to go home and stitch? And now that i am at home I'm posting lol.
I have started working on my third page of the moose so I am eager to get that page done so the rest of the body is done yah. One more shift and I get to stitch all weekend, and take the Christmas tree down finally! I luv our tree but I also luv when it comes down so I can put things back in their place...that's my OCD talking heehee. Well three huge projects so far to do this year and one on order for later to add to the other tiger collection. I shouldn't have went on 123 stitch but I had to pick out that special ornie that I want to do for next years stitching sister Christmas exchange...everyone is suppose to be done by retreat...who made that rule haha.
So now I'll go and stitch some of the moose and will post again soon

Thanks for all your comments...I might not say it enough but I love reading them!!

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