Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Learning how to spell and other ramblings.....

My update for the Moose for tonight. I wish I could have gotten further this week!

Well an interesting fact has arisen maybe you all didn't know. I cannot spell worth a damn! Anyhow I must apologize in advance to my readers that put up with it and to Kerry who I did not realize until tonight I had spelt her name wrong incorrectly in the album from Christmas ( I wish someone had told me earlier) but it will be fixed I promise!!

Look what came home tonight to hang on my wall, Thanks again Jayne for helping me to stretch and frame it. Eric says your hired to stretch the L&L Angels too lol

Kerry should we bring some Bend to the retreat?
For those of you that are picky about wine as I am may I suggest Bend in the River it is a riesling kind of sweet, from Germany and goes down pretty good when it is cold.

Might be working on a little give away for retreat we will see might turn into something for Christmas if I don't get my act together and stitch my WIP quilt and finish painting my house which are two of my goals before the end of Feb. I wish there were more hours in the day or I would settle for less working and same pay to gain some more home time. That would be a nice change. I am really looking forward to having next weekend off to myself yeah I can't wait!

Oh boy just found another website with I'd say about 6 patterns I want this is never ending! Its Celtic rose Needlecraft
I better go to bed before I start getting myself into trouble!!


  1. your work looks very nice on the wall. Way to go.
    Be always in stithces.

  2. Dear Tammy, I found your blog and you make very beautiful things I definitely keep you follow!
    Your moose is pretty fantastic and then you work on the wall ....... it is amazing, brilliant!

  3. Wow you got almost a whole Moose....way to go...I got some catching up to do.

  4. The moose is looking good! Your frame piece is beautiful!

  5. I love your framed piece! It is stunning!!! And Moose is coming along I am gonna check out that weblink you put up.

  6. The moose is really coming along - I hope to get some good amount of stitching in tonight and tomorrow beforeworking the weekend (: Oh well - unless I win the lotto I need to suck it up! The framed work looks great and have a good weekend!

    Happy Stitching!

  7. Thanks for all your nice comments!!

  8. Looks great. Cannot wait to see more.


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