Sunday, January 10, 2010


Well I went and visited a stitchy friend today and was able to get some more done on my Tiger.

I also decided that I would start a SAL because the other one I found online is full. So if you are stitching a Heaven and Earth Design and DO NOT BELONG to the other SAL you are most welcome to join. E-mail me and I will add you. We can have up to 100 members on the blog as authors. If you are not stitching a design please become a follower and follow the progress of the large but beautiful undertakings of the stitchers.
Here is the Link to the new blog
Stitching my first heaven and earth and friends

Check out the other SAL too its really good and neat to see all the pieces coming together!! Our Friends HAED SAL

If you are a Stitching Sister I have already sent you an email about being an author. Oh yah Jane gotta pull out one of those UFO from Head I saw your list.

So otherwise yesterday took down the darn Christmas tree, it looks bare upstairs now lol. Worked on the moose will update picture later sorry. Found out my roommate that went to Calgary got married while he was there and returns alone tomorrow. Dh is going to Quebec in Feb for a family visit and Skiing and I am prob going to go take a french course at the end of the month (long story). Anyhow that is basically what has been up the last few days. Now I still can't stop yawning (stupid meds!!) and I am really annoyed that I have spent more time on the computer and cleaning then stitching and next sat I have to work. Sucks to be me!!

We start stitching at a new place this week with the Stitching Sisters oh yah we also have two more additions bloggin Trina and Pennie. They are still getting the hang of things so please be patient.


  1. Doesn't it always feel empty when you de-decorate? Can't wait to see the progress on the moose!

  2. yah it totally does..will post moose after wednesday stitch nite


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