Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cat hair here Cat hair there,,,

Moose update I so tried to get the page done but just can`t do it.
Maybe tomorrow. So much cat hair is in my stitching the more I try to keep it
out the more of it gets in. I truly believe that cat hair is a necessary fibre in my stitching. Anyhow back to the grind. My DH is leaving on Thursday to see family and I no longer have a room mate so I will have the house to myself.


  1. Nice on you for the house to yourself. Enjoy and I hope DH has a safe trip.
    Be always in stitches.(and all the extra fibers)

  2. home = just fun for stitching, your moose is really a very nice design, I thought it was .....???? Lanarte ???

  3. You should get a lot of stitching time in while DH is away. Great progress on your picture even with the cat hairs! :o)

  4. Moose is looking great.
    The cat hair here gets on my floss and it knots and tangles easily, Arghhh!
    It must be getting close to warm weather :)

  5. Kustom Krafts is the designer

  6. Great progress! Enjoy having the place to yourself. Hope you get lots of stitching done.

  7. WOW very good progress and moose growing continue ,great job!

  8. He is looking wonderful Tammy. I'm loving it even more :)


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