Friday, February 12, 2010


Well Harper is right we should be showing how proud we are to be Canadian in these next 17 days.
I don't know about you but when I watch one of our athletes win a bawl like a baby. Just to imagine what they are feeling at the moment must be priceless!

Its so sad that the start has to be with an accident happening, I'm sure nobody expected anything like this to happen, I truly feel sorry for the family.

I called it ...Had me mom on the phone the whole opening ceremonies (she was quilting with me on speaker phone and her tv was 10 sec ahead) I new that the caldron turned into a campfire which it right up my ally hee hee and with the athletes waiting around I had a feeling it was going to be all of them lighting the fire which I was right again!

Well looks like I might get some stitching done after all because I'll be rushing home to watch updates and reruns of the daily events all week. I hope no other shows are going to be on.

Gotta work tomorrow then clean the house up. I finished painting finally. The first coat looked like lavender and that is not a very nice colour for our bedroom (even though I luv purple) hubby would have killed me. It was suppose to be aviator Silver but with our lighting it did not look like that. So today I went a shade darker to sword fighting and I luv the colour now.

Hubby is home finally Sunday although he pre-warned me that Quebec is expecting a lot of snow and his flight might be changed or cancelled....its going to be a sucky Valentines day if it does!!


  1. Oh I do hope your hubby makes it home in time for Valentine's Day!!

  2. I agree with you GO CANADA GO! I loved the opening ceremonies it was so well done. I do hope you hubby makes it home for tomorrow too. I'll be sending you an email shortly :)

  3. Go Canada!! I'll also be racing home to try and watch as much as possible in the evenings! Hope your hubby makes it home :)

  4. Yay Canada!!!!! I get so excited whenever we win!!! I hope we can get a gold medal on our own soil for the first time, I will lose my mind!!! I will hope for the snow to hold off and for hubby to make is home safe for some love time!!


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