Monday, February 15, 2010

NO Frogs today for me!

Well yesterday and today I decided to work on "Inspiration" by Rosewood Manor.
Everytime I work on it I luv the colours more and more. Although the fabric is really hard on my DMC and I seem to have a lot more orts but oh well it will be priceless in the end when it is all stitched and framed up!

We gathered at Pennie's Place (after I located it lol) and stitched to afternoon away. That is how we celebrated Ontario's 2 year old family day holiday. Some stayed for supper (and I bet it was super good, it was making me hungry just by the smell) but since my hubby just came home I wanted to be home with him for supper and the evening since he goes back to work tomorrow as well as I do. I have the big boss coming in on Friday so I expect this week to be busy. My husbands interview went well and we will know if they are offering it to him ether this week or next. Both of us are on the edge of our seat. I think I was quiet today because of the pins and needles but I did accomplish a lot of stitching.

My co-worker is heading to the Olympics tomorrow lucky bum. It was priceless seeing Alex get his Gold today. Now we have 1 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze metal so far but you already new that didn't you??
I felt bad for Jeremy Weatherspoon watching him race today, I hope he isn't to disappointed because he still made Canada proud!

I love the new CherryWood Design Studios and I want all of them hint hint lol

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  1. Glad you guys had a nice time and I missed you all! I will keep my fingers crossed for Eric and hopefully you won't wait too long to find things out! Nice work on the Rosewood pattern - it will be beautiful!

    Happy Stitching and see you Wednesday night!


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