Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Blah

Hi, Well today went by really fast.
My friend and I ended up going shopping all day which wasn't on the schedule or pocketbook but we still had fun. Then we got home and I made broiled trout with rice garlic bread and a strawberry romaine salad that is my fav (thanks Mary-Anne). Then we watch Taken which is a good movie but some of it far fetched thats for sure. I also got to meet my nextdoor neighbours new fur baby her name is Jasmine and she is a husky. They already have Chloe who is almost 1 and now the new little one. She is such a snuggler too makes me want one but hubby wants a Golden because we want a dog that is good with kids. Hopefully soon both will happen. We will see what fate has in store for us. My husband got his call for his interview (he is still in Quebec) so the manager of the Quebec division is driving to Quebec city to meet with him on Tuesday then I guess we go from there. I hate being in limbo not knowing where life begins or where we are going to start it. I thought it was when we moved here but family has been on the back burner for over a year now and its time for it not to be. So when or if he make the decision to take or not to take the job we both agreed that is where will finally get on with a family and make a home for while anyhow. I just hope that the decision makes him happy in the end. i think I will be happy in both places. I have been working on the moose this weekend will update the picture tomorrow night, have to find where I misplaced my camera from the last update.
Back to the grind tomorrow and a long shift not looking forward to it at all I hope it goes by quickly. Now that I am rambling I was sign off, talk to you all Monday nite
Happy Stitching for those of you lucky enough to be at home for part or most of the day (wish it were me!!)

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  1. Sounds like you had a busy day and weekend! I will keep my fingers crossed for your DH's interview and I hope it all works out for you both! No matter where you will end up! Happy Stitching to you too and see you Wednesday!


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