Saturday, February 27, 2010

a yawny saturday night and a few more golds!!

Well I should be doing my housework but I just do not have the energy to do it tonight....well right now anyhow. Might get a second wind later on but for now its a no go

I was just searching for a marriage sampler for my neighbours who are getting married this August and have come across one that I like along with a few other patterns too lol.

I should get stitching my Olympic project otherwise it is not going to be completed by tomorrow. I rented the time travellers wife so hopefully I will have a quiet evening. Tomorrow is another story with the hockey game at 3 there will be a lot of cheering and yelling in french and english going on in my house.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and because its the last day of the month I have to post my update of my HAED tomorrow on the other blog, it still doesn't look like much but oh well I am trying.

Congrats to our athletes that won medals today while I was at work!!


  1. I so agree with your picture - housework is definitely a waste of good stitching time!

  2. I hate housework but love a clean house. The two just don't work together. Have a good day and enjoy the final big event - I'll be stitching along and watching the big game, too. I have not finished my olympic stitch so hope to get some good time in. I spend more time watching the t.v. than I do stitching when the games are on!

  3. I love that saying! LOL I too love a clean house, but just hate doing the housework. But there's no getting around it - it's always there. I can't wait for the game this afternoon. I actually watched the one against Finland. Well, at least the first period. After that I knew it was over.


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