Monday, March 15, 2010

code stitch?

Ended up heading to the ER today. My blood pressure was really low again and I just didn't feel right. The good news is I'm fine. They did an ECG and blood tests that took forever. Anyhow just really tired from being there all day. I am a little confused though the poor patients who end up staying most of the day in the rapid assessment unit by themselves how on earth can they wait all day without eating? By the time I left I had the shakes because I hadn't eaten all day and they wouldn't let me have water. The nurse should have suggested to go to the cafeteria or something I think for those patients that could go.
Anyhow...Stitched a bit tonight should have the update of the moose tomorrow posted after I find out my French homework that I have to catch up on, thank God Eric doesn't work tomorrow night and can help me.


  1. ((((((Tammy))))))

    Glad you are feeling better (at least enough to stitch!)

  2. Sorry to hear that you had to go to the ER but I'm glad you are feeling a little bit better! Take it easy and stitch slowly :)

  3. Hope you get that BP under control, hey,,,maybe the other test might be positive???. Have a stitch on me and Be always in stitches.

  4. Feel better. I hope your stitching was all in order in the middle of your feeling poorly. Otherwise there's some frogging to do.

  5. Oh my. I hope your BP is under control now. And that you are feeling better. Just put your feet up and rest and stitch. Doctors orders. :)

  6. You and I should get together, your low numbers could cancel out my high ones!
    Hope you are better and things get figured out for you soon.

  7. Tammy I hope today you are feeling much better and more like your true self.

  8. Can't wait to see an update on your moose, I haven't touch mine in weeks....really need to get back to it....Hope you are feeling better today.

  9. Just found your blogs and love them! Could you please add my baby blog (it's new) to your blog list? Thanks!It's not all that exciting,though. I'm starting to get more bloggy and more stitchy. I also make up words. It's an adventure!
    Hugs and hope you feel better. I know that feeling and it's not good.


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