Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend is over :(

I stayed up last night till 4am or I guess 3 with the time change thing, I had to finish the last song by John Sparks. OMG can I just say that I am very glad to finish it at him in bed. I was bawling like a baby. He is such a good story teller and because of his other novels I have read I new there was going to be some heart ache somewhere in the book but I for warn you its past the halfway point. Anyhow now I will prob go see the movie. Hubby and I will be hopefully going to see Rob Patison's new movie Remember me on the 27th but we will see. Now to finish Patrick's book and read another that was lent to me (thanks Trina).

My husband took this picture of Leo a few nights ago and had to share it with you. Now you know why his second name is Bubba lol
Well it rained here a whole lot and as you can see the drain in my backyard is still jammed and flooded a few neighbours and us. I wish the city would smarten up and do something. My husband wants to pour concrete down it lol.

Trina and I went to see our Stitching Sister who has been in the hospital all week. She is definitely doing better and is going home tomorrow!! Such great news!! Then when we left the hospital we felt like we got hit by a wave of water and got drenched just running to the car which wasn't very far away. We got back to Trina's and stitched for a while watching an old favourite Grease man was John young and Olivia needed some fat on her hips. By chance Grease two was on this morning so I watched it too. But of course it was not good as the original was.

I didn't stitch today, I think I had really low blood pressure again. I have been feeling really dizzy all day. On Tuesday my bp was 95 over 55 and that is pretty low. I usually am below normal but this is weird. So I have had fluid and salt and rest but it doesn't seem to be getting any better. I hope I am able to drive in the morning we will see I guess.

I did receive some stash mail on Friday, yippee I luv getting patterns in the mail no matter where they are from. These ones were ones I got that hubby picked out because we have a wedding to go to in August and it was a spere of a moment decision along with the other two that just happen to come along with it.
So I received

So this is what came for me now I just have to make time to stitch them all lol.
I have a couple of others that will be showing up later in the I'll be still running to the mailbox to see if anything stitchy is in there for me.

I will have an update of the moose in a couple days I have one more colour on the page I am working on then I will post the new picture.


  1. Hi Tammy...LOVE Nicholas Sparks!!! I've read EVERY book he's written so far and they all make me cry. My husband and I read "The Notebook" to each other. We both cried.
    I so enjoy your blog and thanks for the *Stitching Blogs We All Luv to Read* link. I refer to it often.
    Hope you are feeling well today. My BP is usually only that low if I take it before I lift my head from the pillow in the morning! Please take care.

  2. I think Leo should meet Daisy....not sure who will outdo the other one lol....Daisy nick names as Lumpy and Chubby.

  3. We have a very soggy backyard here as well!!

    Love the picture of your kitty! Reminds me of a cat we used to have - she hovered around 20 pounds!

    Great new stash - enjoy!

  4. I just want to pet the kitty's round belly! So cute!

  5. If you pet his belly he starts licking himself its sooo funny!


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