Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Where are peoples flipping heads these days???

I'm sorry I know that the past two days have been warmer 12 and 15c but that might mean a spring coat maybe with a sweater. But seeing people in shorts, tanks tops come on now thats ridiculous. Ah maybe I'll see them next week as my customers after they catch a cold or heaven forbid pneumonia.

I was able to stitch a bit on my moose and did a lot on Saturday night so he now has some antlers and I am currently trying to finish the rest of the page before I post the picture update.

My dad currently has 8 hrs exactly left until he is retired!!! YEAH DAD!!!! He has been on countdown for years. You could ask him how many shifts on any given day and he could tell you. Thats how much he loved his job NOT! He has worked really hard since I was born at the same place of employment and I am glad for that because of that job and his experiences there I have learned a lot from him!
Wish I could be back at home to enjoy in his celebrations but soon he and mom will be off to someplace warm and dip there toes in the ocean and enjoy themselves with friends. Love you dad!!

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  1. Congrats to Dad, and well deserved. Best of luck.
    I am surprised that my Leroy is not in his shorts yet but I don't think that's far off.
    We'll miss you tonight.
    Be always in stitches


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