Wednesday, April 28, 2010

a mama to a new fur baby

This is Jasper.
We figure he is about 2-3 months old. My hubby found him sleeping on our deck (which is high) under a chair. My hubby says this was the third day he had seen him there and finally was able to entice him with some food. We called the SPCA and he wasn't micro-chipped. So my hubby said we would take care of cat number three.
I am still going to keep an eye though for postings at our local post office just to make sure no ones missing him. We thought it was a girl but nope shes a he lol.
All he days is purr and kneed all the time I think he will be as tall as Leo is in the end. I skipped school today, had to go buy a litter box for him and some kitten food at Wallyworld.
This weekend my friend and I will be heading to Niagara outlet mall for a day of shopping, I can't wait to hit Joanne's Fabric and Target too!! I don't have all that much money but it will be good to getaway and have some fun with a good friend for the day. No stitching yesterday or today too tired I did however go buy that dumb floss colour lol.



  1. What a cute kitty! You are very kind to take him in.

  2. Awww, he is gorgeous! Sometimes cats pick you (instead of the other way around). One of ours found us in similar circumstances, and she's been with us nearly 5 years. :-)

  3. Way to go Tammy and Eric, only two more to catch up with me lol...I can see you being an old cat lady too lmao... he is adorable and I hope he brings you as much joy as does my Jack, aka deck kitty, now "I rule the house" kitty!

  4. Aww..I love these kinds of stories. Pet all your kitties for me and give them a kiss.

  5. What a pretty cat. I just love when they purr all the time and do the kneeding thing.

  6. Congrats on the new kitter kat! He's adorable!!

  7. Cute fur baby. Enjoy your day out with your friend

  8. oooohhh What a cute kitty! I love cats so much and I have a cat with a red and white color! His name is Felix!

  9. What a beautiful cat Tammy! Have fun at Joanne's and Tar-jay!


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