Sunday, April 18, 2010

Moose update, one dress and one goodbye to the weekend

ohhhhh if you haven't tried the Kashi pumpkin pie bars (garnola bars) you gotta....they are to die for...taste just like pumpkin pie!!!

I stitched for a bit today. Hubby and I went out shopping and he bought my summer dress to wear to a shower I am going to next weekend. I can't wait to wear it!! My belly doesn't actually stick out in it yeah!!
Forgot the country awards were on tonight so going to watch them tomorrow I was able to tape them at a later time.
Not looking forward to work tomorrow and school ..its going to be a long day! I am soo glad that I got to work on some of mu stitching yesterday and today even though it was just a bit.



  1. It's a beautiful dress Tammy and mose already looks great, every stitch is a little progress and go shopping is quite fun!

  2. I haven't touched my moose in weeks either...I really should...but then I think I should also start on all these nice barnyard pictures you enticed me to months ago lol....thanks for all your support in my bad habbits lol....

  3. Nice work on the moose! I am am going to try to post an updated pic on the wolf either today or tomorrow!

    Love the dress too!!

  4. I love your dress, great work on your moose.

  5. Love the dress Tammy! :)

    Moose is look good.

  6. When I first read your post about your new dress I thought you were trying to tell us something other than the fact that you like it! I thought maybe the "not sticking out" was because there was a baby brewing...silly me!

  7. no baby brewing...I've always had a pot belly and hate it !!

  8. I have always had a pot belly to and anything that hides it I need to buy. Pretty dress. Your moose is looking good


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