Monday, April 26, 2010

Not again (I sound like a broken record)

The Habs or Montreal Canadians are still in it!!!! They one tonight 4-1 yeah!!! Jayne's hubby and my hubby will be sooooo happy!!

I survived work and class tonight barley. Have been soo tired. It didn't help that I didn't really have much time to rest on the weekend. Saturday I worked and honestly I have no clue what I did do Saturday night but I know what I didn't do--Stitch and Sunday I went to my neighbours bridal shower and ate myself to the point of over full which I never do anymore since weight watchers. but the food was soooooo yummy I couldn't help myself. I have 3 lbs too loose that I have been struggling with for the past month and I am just about to the give up stage. If I don't loose something this coming Saturday I will be very disappointed.
Anyhow to continue my story....Sunday nite I did stitch. I pulled out a pin cushion I had started a while ago for my mom that I wanted to make her for Mother's day. I just didn't realize that the special holiday for our moms is just around the bend. So i stitched mirror images one for her and one for me at the same time and found out that I didn't have a floss colour again!! Can I say that I am seriously getting sick of this!! Anyways so off to Michael's I go tomorrow and hopefully finish the stitching tomorrow nite and put it together on Friday or the weekend. Then finish the little bit of backstitching left on the birds for my dad then I can ship them off finally.
I also know what my next item on my organizing to do list is....doing a checkoff list of all my DMC so I stop running out darn it lOL


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