Saturday, April 3, 2010

Stash Day and a Dewey??

Well today wasn't as warm as yesterday but it still was a great day for a road trip!!!
I am happy that Tara decided to drive since sometimes I'm a little sketchy on directions...ok A LOT lol. Thanks Tara. We hit our first shop which was the needle gnome in a small little town called Acton. It was a very cute shop and was glad I got the chance to go. Then we headed off to Gitta's in Mississauga. After finding our way to Lakeshore and pulling our butts out of the car and locking the dewey (which is what we were calling the lock (button) we had to press) we headed on in. Oh my Tammy should not have gone....I was so surprised to find a lot of patterns that I had seen on some blogs that interested me. I had to put a couple back because...well I'm not rich lol. I had a blast there and I now no why I do not go there very often! I spend too much hahaha. I think Trina got the most then me then Tara. We were actually razing her about getting so little.

This was one of Trina's finds although she had bought one with a different picture on it.

This was my 2nd favourite find today, because I luv strawberries (because my grandpa did and I have very fond memories of him when I see them)

Eric found a rare site today, you almost never see my two cats sleeping together.

Winnie wanted to do my taxes last night lol (the receipts are in the basket) So luvs all my baskets and always trys to fit her little butt into them lol.



  1. Very cute kitties! Does the yellow one want to be filed away??? LOL

  2. Looks like you had way too much fun lol.

  3. It looks like you had great fun and brought back some great stash. Can't complain about a day like that!!


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