Sunday, May 30, 2010

Did you notice???

Only 361 days till next retreat.....and the Countdown begins again!!!!LOL

Here is how I am going to post about retreat since I got in late because I had no choice to stop halfway in London because I was to tired to drive so I went to supper and also got some of the pictures developed at Walmart.

SUNDAY---Sideshow of retreat pictures

MONDAY--My journey and happenings on retreat for the
first time in Ontario
TUESDAY--updates on stash bought on the way and a new
shop/my stitching updates from the retreat

WEDNESDAY--purchases from Bay-field


  1. Love the sideshow and I'll send you my pics in the next day or two at the most! Can't wait to see the next postings and I will stay away from the Red button - LOL.

    Off to sleep finally I go!

  2. Wonderful pictures and what a stunning place. Thank you so much for sharing. Can;t wait for the next post.

  3. Your pics are awesome! I'm so fortunate I was one of the lucky ones to be there and see everything IRL :^) Our little group would like to thank everyone again for including us in your weekend (I somehow missed saying goodbye to you Tammy!) Can't wait for next year.

  4. Fantastic slideshow! The pool looks inviting!!

  5. So glad it was a good time! :)

  6. love the slideshow...what a beautiful place and looks like a fun, fun group!


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