Saturday, May 8, 2010

I love to Organise!!

my little Jasper hiding
whos going to win 649 tonight and be rich rich rich with 7 million dollars...yeah only in my dreams. Then I would have a whole basement as a craft room or maybe a loft hey I know both lol
I have a big mess going on down here in my craft room. I think my husband will kill me by the time I am finished (which might take more then a couple months but we will see).
Darn you stitchers that are posting your craft rooms on the DMC blog. So I wanted a new room too that will work for me, no going into two rooms anymore is my goal. So as you can see from the pictures I don't have much space to go with but I do have ideas and it helps to go to Michaels.
They have sooo much storage stuff there now so I have lots of nice boxes to get and cubes and ect ect. First stop Canadian Tire for some extension cords. I had to more my computer because what I plan on doing is making a table that goes sown one wall and the side wall too. WhaT a big job...I hope dad will be here in the fall maybe I can put him to work if I'm not done by then ( I better be done wayyy sooner then that though).
I'll share how I am going to organize as I figure it out myself if your interested and if you have any ideas for storage, organizing certain items please pass them along!!

do you know what this is?

I found this beauty at Canadian Tire today and its going to be perfect for what I am using it for.....I will sooo you in the next post..



  1. Way to go so far with organizing! I keep trying but so far not much progress - but I am positive that one day it will happen! Can't wait to see what you do with that item from Canadian Tire - I'm sure it will be interesing!

    Hope you have a good Mother's Day Sunday and rest of the weekend!

  2. Would you like to come to my house and organize? My room looks like a disaster right now. Good luck with all of it - will look forward to seeing all the ideas you come up with for your organizing.


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