Sunday, May 23, 2010


woke up Saturday to find out that Martina had voted me for a blog award thanks Martina...I will enter it as a separate post with my faves.
Then I headed to weight watchers where I hit my goal!!! What this means is I hit my goal number I wanted to be at. Now the hard part, I have to maintain it. I have to keep paying for 6 more weeks then I am considered a lifetime member and do not have to pay anymore unless I am over by more then 2 lbs.

....Then I headed to the concert....stopped at work because I had left my new patterns there and was not to pleased with myself for doing that but at least I was heading that way anyhow. I went to the Oakville go train which gave me lots of butterflies....I absoultly hate going new places for the first time without someone else. I have gotten so lost before and do feel really uncomfortable. Anyhow the train was late which ment I had 1 hour to stand around and wait along with everyone else. Once I was on the train the seats beside me filled up and they were going to the concert too so I asked if I could tag along. They didn't mind at all which was good. So I made it to my seat which was on the floor on the far left 1 seat (aisie). I had a perfect view of Taylor singing. That was an awesome seat!! She brought tears to my eyes a couple of times. She went in the audience to sing and took 5 min just to hug everyone then she did it later in another song. That was very touching to see on the big cam. Her vidies and entertainment between songs was great and kept rolling like a movie you were never bored except for the 1/2 between Kellie Pickler and Taylor. I had wished now that I knew it was going to be so long would have went shopping for a t'shirt. Oh well no biggie. You can check out some of her concert on u-tube she was here Friday and Saturday. I tried to take a vidio with my nano but I don;t think it turned out. Kicked myself for not bringing the camera, oh well live and learn.

Our poor Montreal Canadians lost in Montreal yesterday. I hope the next game goes better for them or we are out.

oh by the way I didn't get lost!!!!!


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  1. Congratulations on getting to your WW goal. Taylor is an awesome singer, lucky you getting to see her


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