Saturday, June 19, 2010


I just got this from Jayne didn't she do a great job of framing it for me. I had the frame (mom picked it out) I just thought it was stretched out of shape after using the qsnaps so I though it would be better stretched by the lacing method and I still haven't learned it yet. Maybe the next one... This is project 200 completed since I was 16. Oh by the way Jayne its not in my guest bathroom found a better place for it!!



  1. It looks great Tammy,the frame is just right.

    hugs Yvon.

  2. Very pretty! It looks beautiful in the frame.

  3. Looks awesome! Love the framing too!

  4. Great job Tammy, it looks so nice amd Jayne did a great job framing it.

  5. Well, I am glad it did not end up in a bathroom, it is just way to pretty.
    Be always in stitches.

  6. It's beautiful Tammy the frame is just perfect!

  7. It looks so pretty in that frame! My Dad does all of my framing but I do know how, I just don't like too :) LOL.

  8. The frame is perfect for the piece. Good luck learning how to lace your finished pieces. I'm only brave enough to try it one tiny things like ornaments.


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