Friday, July 16, 2010

Hello All

Yes it was Peru actually I might be going to Lima Peru the first week of May but we are not to sure yet because the flight along for both of us is 2000 so we are still up in the air about it. My brother in law and his wife are going to get remarried in her home town.

I found this beautiful bowl at Micheals to fill up with Biscournus. LOL I think it will take me a long time to fill it the way I've been stitching. If you want to pass any extras you have laying around feel free LOL.

Tomorrow friends are coming over...DH's new BFF LOL I am glad he has a new friend its hard for us with our schedule and sister stitchers hubby is a great guy.

I thought this was too funny had to post Jasper playing hide and go seek under the laundry hamper while I was doing laundry.



  1. Love the biscornou bowl idea! Jasper looks like a raccoon hiding back there.

  2. Glad to see other cats play hide and seek aswell :p

  3. The biscornu bowl idea is awesome!
    Which design is that, by the way? I can tell it's a Sweetheart Tree, but not which one.


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