Friday, July 23, 2010

The In-Laws are coming...The In-Laws are coming

Well tomorrow morning my father-in-law arrives bright and early and tomorrow night my Niece, brother-in-law and mother-in-laws flight comes in. Poor hubby has to drive to TO twice sucks to be him LOL.
While he is gone to the areoport I will be heading off to DQ to order his birthday cake for Monday but I have no clue what to put on it. One year I had the Flames logo but this time clueless. I guess I'll flip through there book and see what I can do.
I hope to go to home hardware to check out prices on lounge chairs, I have been wanting one ever since I fell asleep on one at retreat. They are so comfy to read on!!

I have to send a BIG HUG and THANK-YOU to Kerry and her Mom. She was very kind in hearing that I don't really go antiwuing let along know where to start looking she happened across a flower frog and got it for me. How nice was she!!! I have put it in a glass container but it is just for now since I am afraid that the glass is really thin and the frog is heavy that it will crack. Anyways here is a picture of it.

Here is how much I actually have stitched on the moose hahah what a laugh eh. Hopefully I can get the wedding sampler completed this weekend and go back to the moose since I am off this week I hope I can get a chunk of stitching done we sill see....



  1. Like the scissor frog, and your moose...coming along nicely, I haven't touched mine for months. Have fun with the outlaws, eh I mean inlaws lol.

  2. Bonnie found me a flower frog in her travels, but I too have yet to find the perfect "bottom" for it. I'll also have to be on the lookout for some more scissors to fill it up! :^) Have a great visit with your in-laws and enjoy your time off!

  3. Enjoy your time with the in-laws and the birthday celebration ~ I hope you get lots of stitchy time in too!

  4. So glad you like your frog. My Mom loves a challenge. I will let her know how much you like it.
    Have a good time with your in laws!
    See you soon.


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