Saturday, July 10, 2010

movie review

Ok I have to give my honest opinion sorry Trina that I wrecked your movie last night! "THAT WAS NOT IN THE BOOK" I had thought after the 2 first films that were done pretty darn close to the book that this one would be too. Well I was wrong!!! I was not too happy, yes I know they have to fill in stuff and add stuff but don't leave out the best parts of the book or change the lines that are pretty important or rated r important haha. The hubbys loved the fight seen of course. oh well they better make the next one closer I hope.

Wednesday and Thursday is was super hot here and I was able to take part in a couple of friends Pools. Thanks Pennie and Kristen! I enjoyed myself and my hubby was soooo jealous!
Anyways today its off to Jaynes Backyard bash  I made a yummy pineapple no bake cheesecake with strawberries and lady fingers yum!!

Oh yah I am now a Lifetime member at weight watchers no more paying yeah!!



  1. Oh no, I think i'll wait for the movie on DVD after all! Have fun at Jayne's today, i'm stuck here at work but please say hi for me if you read this before leaving :)

  2. No big about the movie - I enjoyed it anyways and the great company! Congrats on Lifetime!

    See you at the bash!

  3. congrats on lifetime status! I never like the movie as well as the book...

  4. I think I've only seen the first movie so far but I read all the books. The movie is NEVER as good as the book!
    Congratulations on being a lifetime member. My SIL is at that point now too.


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