Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday chatter....

Oh boy the motorcycles had a good day to get together today. Every Friday the 13th everyone that owns a motorcycle and knows about the big gathering heads to Port Dover Ontario, where I here they have some mighty fine hotdogs. Never been, one day maybe.

Came home and stitched a bit on my project. I moved my vacation up a month so now I will be going home to see my parents Labour day weekend instead of Thanksgiving. This way we don't have too....scratch that-- hubby doesn't have to lug three cats for 5 hrs to Montreal when he goes. Mom is happier too since I can help with the unpacking yeah..
Looks like my house will be going up next we are going to see if we can get what we want for it but if we don't then we will wait. Hubby and I have come to the agreement that it is time to be happy again and we have to do this to fix part actually half of our problems. I just hope it doesn't create worse problems down the road. I guess we will have to wait and see what fate had in store.
Tomarrow I am working an extra day...I pray it will go smooth as pie so I can come home and relax before I tackle the dusting and vacuuming since I have to do it after hubby goes to work in the evening cause he works nights.
Anyways off to bed, wish I could show you what I have stitched but I'll be able to go back to the Moose shortly...that is if my thread doesn't show up this week in the mail...praying that it will...

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  1. I hope you get lucky with listing the house and I know you guys will be able to have smooth sailing! It is always good when you work with each other and focus on a common goal! Where would you look for another house?

    Happy work day and better yet - Happy Stitching!


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