Monday, August 23, 2010

hard subject to post

Well here goes the hardest thing I will have to type so far.....My best friend just got diagnosed with cancer. She is 29 and its in her neck, don't know which kind exactly yet since I have only talked to her quickly once and am waiting for her to call.
Now the next question I ask myself...What can I do to make this better? But thats me for ya. I am totally and utterly stunned because an earlier Dr said she didn't have cancer and now to learn a month later she does I am just flabbergasted! Now what am I to do....if she does have Hodgkin lymphoma it has a very high survival rate if caught early but again whats early? She has been getting tests done since May and it tool this long to get an answer sometimes I wonder about our health care system. Her mom is devastated her fiancée lives in Pakistan and can't come to visit because of all the past 9/11 stuff and this just sucks big time!!
I can't even give her a hug. Anyways I guess I'll figure it out and try to help her in anyway I can...I just don't know what to say to her now though thats the hard part......


  1. Treat her as you have always done, and make her laugh, I had cancer confirmed in Feb of this year and I'm going through chemo, and my best buddies always treat me the same, they do look out for me to ensure I'm not getting over tired. But treat her the same and if need be let her cry!!

  2. Not sure if this helps, but I know a man who was diagonosed with this type of cancer in his neck. He has had it removed this year and is doing very well. Just remember that cancer treatments are getting better and better and that survival rates are going up. Good luck.

  3. Just being there will be great for her. She will know you are there for her and I know you will help her as much as possible. Also, as many flaws as can be with any healthcare system - cancer is not always the death sentence it used to be!

    Try to take care and think positive!

  4. Tammy you know exactly what you will do, you will be the friend you have always been, you will laugh, you will dream and you will hug, just like you always have and in knowing that a friend can be there to hold a hand or two, shed a tear or two and understand that you don't have to say a word, just being there will be of comfort. Just like you always have. But here's a hug anyway, for you and for BFF.
    Be always in stitches.

  5. Just be there for her like you always have. Best wishes to your friend.

  6. I am so sorry to hear about your freind. Like the others said, treat her the same as you always have. Be there for her as a shoulder to lean on any time she needs one. Just be her friend and love and support her.


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