Sunday, August 8, 2010

statsh and serial starter what am I going to do??

Hubby didn't like the tea towels so I put them to better use as a 

project cover
another project ready to go....I think I am tottally a serial starter of large projects now!!!
After picking up Tims after dummy Tammy ordered a Coffee with Tea instead of Cream and everyone had a good laugh we headed out to shop
This was the stash obtained from the road trip on Saturday. We went to a known store in London called the Thread and Eye to check out their new location and then headed to a smaller new shop that just opened in St. Thomas. Although getting mad at the drivers that weren't speeding in front most of the time and meeting up with one our sister stitcher Irma we didn't end up getting lost driving in front leading the way into the country. I think I would have if it wasn't for her good old GPS NOT!!!
Anyways 3 o'clock rolled around really fast and we had to get a sister back for a date with her hubby, so Trina and I dropped her off and headed for Dairy Queen, Gas and Blockbuster then it was off to my house to stitch. After we got rid of the males we were able to watch a couple good movies till about 1 am. Yah I did get some stitching can see all the updates on my goals blog. I worked on the secret project.
I'm beat today and have a certification at work on Tuesday so tomorrows shift will be be as a merry maid for a 10 1/2 shift at my pharmacy oooo so not looking forward to that. Lets just say didn't do any cleaning at my house except laundry today.


  1. You're gonna be a busy stitcher for sure!

  2. Looking forward to see your progress on these beautiful large project. :) Happy stitching.


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