Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wedding and finding mistakes...

My Hubby and I at the Wedding last night. Before stuffing ourselves silly with a five course meal that was to die for. Never actually seen an open bar that served daquaries ethier so guess what I was drinking all night. My head hurts a bit but I think I'll survive.

 Isn't she beautiful and sooo petite! The wedding was for our neighbours. They have been together sooo long but he has been sick this year and they almost lost him once so I guess it scared them enough to finally do the deed and get hitched.

I don't have a nice one of them together because my camera was giving me some grief.
at the church yesterday afternoon....

Well after going to the wedding my hubby says to me "its a real shame you didn't get their sampler done forget about the moose and see if you can fix it" so because I do not have any time restraints now I will see what I am going to do with it this afternoon. Thank God I didn't start ripping it out to save the fabric. I thought is looked to pretty and I guess in the back of my mind I wanted to save it too. So here goes nothing.......


  1. Looks like a beautiful wedding, good luck getting the sampler done :)

  2. Beautiful picture of you and your hubby!
    And gorgeous picture of the bride too, hope the wedding went well.


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