Sunday, October 3, 2010

Blogoversary Giveaway 2 posts two draws--2ND DRAW

Spring Stitches including floss and material
Bead Mat
The Book Store by LHN
A Couple Doodle Patterns with Charms
Summer Basket by Blackbird Designs
Heart measuring Tape and Token Triffle

Ok to enter this draw leave me a comment and post to your blog so everyone can try for it the more the better. Draw will be held October 14th evening.

Question: What do you like about my blog?

Good Luck Fellow Stitchers!!


  1. Oh Tammy....what couldn't I like about your blog???
    I like the progress you have been showing on your moose project. That's what people like to see on stitchy blogs....PROGRESS!!

    I like your style of writing. Your blog is a joy to read and I look forward to your posts!

    Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself with us, and thank you for a chance to win this very generous giveaway!
    I know what everyone says about being #1 on a giveaway post but I am thinking positive!!

  2. I like seeing your stitching projects. Inspires me ;-)

    I'll put this on my sidebar.

  3. Your progress is always great to view, especially on the Moose piece!

    I will put a link to this on my sidebar!!

  4. I love the different tabs that you can go to and see what you have done and all the great things you want to do!! I think one day I will have to do the moose for our house as well!

    Happy Blogoversary!!!!!

  5. I like that you post often. And I can't wait to see more progress on that moose. My husband would love that piece. I did start a deer in the woods piece a while back, but that has become a UFO for now. Thanks for the opportunity.

  6. I love to see what you are working on. I also like that you post frequently. Thanks for the chance to win.

  7. I always love to see what you are working on - watching the moose has been great, I can certainly appreciate the amount of time and love that goes into that project.

    Thanks for the fun!

  8. Hi Tammy--Just discovered your blog when you entered my giveaway, so I'm here to enter your lovely giveaway in return!

    Your moose stitching is incredible! I can't imagine the hours and hours you must have been working on that so far--I'll enjoy watching your progress :)

  9. only one more month for that moose

  10. I love the style of the person who writes, and seeing your projects, Tammy please don't change anything.

    thank you for this chance to win in your giveaway.

    Good luck

  11. Do I have to post just one thing I like about your blog? I was first lured in by the title. I like the large font, I like seeing your progress on the THE Moose, I like that you post frequently. Please count me in!

  12. Beautiful drawing. I am new a follower of your blog, I posted the drawing on the sidebar of my blog.

    I love your embroidery work are really very beautiful

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  13. I like to blog? Ees difficult to answer because your work is very beautiful. I love it. See your work in progress and advances.
    'll post the drawing on my blog.

    Thanks for the chance

  14. I just came to visit from a link to your giveaway from Seasons of my Mind. I have enjoyed looking at your finished projects. Love the birds. I don't know many people in my area that do cross-stitch. I still do it and have many projects on my "bucket list." It is great to see so many cross stitcher's on your side bar list. I will come back to see the moose progress.

  15. I like to see what you're up to. :) Some people just have FUN lives. And, of course, LOVE to see the stitching progress. Progress is so encouraging. Makes me think I can get somewhere on my projects, too! And seeing what you are stitching and have stitched or want to stitch increases my stash too. Great shopping place, hehe. I also like to ooh and ahh over the pretty colors you're using. Ah, if only I had the time and patience to stitch like you do. Dropping by just makes me happy. :)

  16. Hello!
    I would like to join your drawing.
    The gifts are precious.
    I posted your drawing on my blog
    Thanks for the opportunit

  17. Of course I enjoy seeing what you're up to with stitching, but I also enjoy the chatty way you post, just like we've all been great friends forever! Thanks for sharing!


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