Friday, October 15, 2010

Gooey, Sexy, Oh Boy Mouth Watering

Just gotta say and forgive me but if someone gave my a wish to spend a day (and night :)) with one certain famous person it would be Bruce!! After having some appetizers at Jack Astors and watching my friends hubby watch waitresses watermelons hanging out it was time for the girls to have some fun watching Bruce and I tell yah when it got to the kissing finally I melted and shivered big time. Hey sorry I know too much information but all of those who love Bruce GO SEE THIS MOVIE it will have you laughing out loud and melting at the same time...ok now the draw for the blog prizes were going to be late tonight but I am going to hold off till I get up because right now it is almost 1 am and I am sooo tired and fighting a headache so check back tomorrow for your name to see if you are my winner GOOD LUCK. ( now to find a sexy wallpaper for my computer of Bruce hee hee) NIGHT

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  1. It was a great movie and great night! As always! Enjoy your weekend and see ya next week!


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