Sunday, October 10, 2010


What a beautiful Fall Thanksgiving Long Weekend we are having here and I get to enjoy it at home. Why am I not at work some of you will ask....well my pharmacy was robbed this morning... everybody's fine the guy only got at our narcotics and took off running. You know it wasn't really that big of deal but I am still a little shaken and my concentration is off. I cleaned my house a bit and organised my stuff that has been sitting out for a while but other then that I don't know what to do with myself :) YEAH Stitching is an option and I will stitch just want to make sure everything else is done first because once I start the moose I don't think I will put him down till its time for bed. I am going to cook a nice meal for myself tonight and enjoy it a lot and hmmmm maybe start a new book too.

Last night after work I was invited to a stitching sisters for supper since I had to go there to drop of some projects that I need her help to stretch because I am not talented enough and she is!! I truly appreciate the fact that we have her in our group and that she does not mind ( I think) helping all of the girls who can't sew or stretch or find mistakes in their stitching too. We had so yummy burgers and then stitched for a while after supper with her daughter while her hubby watched the leafs. It was a good evening with laughs at the dogs chasing the cat (or getting annoyed with it) and whipping the deflated basketball around. She and I did have to frog a bit but after that was through they were extinct from her house for that night.By the time I came home I sent a couple e-mails and heading to bed.


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  1. What a scary situation to have happen! I'm so glad no one was hurt. Sounds like you had a nice weekend despite the circumstances!!


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