Saturday, October 2, 2010


Headed to London, Brantford and Paris today in the pouring rain, with people that don't know how to drive but I got through.
Went to golden griddle for some breakfast and had a buffet it was soo yummy just sucked I didn't have anyone to share it with my hubby had to sleep cause he worked last night. But he did take me to East Sides for supper so I got spoiled.

Stashing again from two different shops is fun. Well this is what I came home with...

This is the thread I have for my Ink Circles....Isn't it pretty and I do not have to separate threads because its two thread thickness all I have to do is unwind from spool it going to be sooooo much easier...I might just have to get more of these to play with!!

Time to get all the projects organized then have to finish off a couple of problems and then can sit and stitch prob on the new stand up it looks fun!! I think it will be a late night tonight!

Check back tomorrow for my Give away!!!!!


  1. Love the stash! I'll have to go with you next time! Happy Stitching!


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