Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Updates bit by bit....

What a wonderful moment to watch as the first Chillean Miner was lifted to fresh air and to great his son and wife after 69 days being down in the mine. Two rescuers now down in the mine as I write this watching Anderson Cooper. Sometimes he can ask the stupidest questions and is repetitive but at least the feed is live and they talk in the background. I have a short 4 hour shift tomorrow should go pretty smoothly. Today sucked it was really busy after the holiday and just couldn't seem to catch up. My nice pharmacist brought me a part of her pumpkin cake for dessert since she knew I didn't really have a normal Thanksgiving.

Yeah Taylor Swift's third song was release tonight on days now till the album comes out. Finished another colour on the moose should have a lot completed by tomorrow nights stitch nite ( I hope) I was invited over at my stitching sisters for supper before the get together so her hubby will be cooking. My hubby is having a fun time catching up with his best friend/cousin tonight in Quebec city. He usually comes up here but he has had a lot of problems in the past year so hopefully maybe next year he will pay us a visit...I miss him...the bum lol

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  1. It was a great joy, all miners were rescued!

    Your moose looks awesome. I have this chart, it is all kit up I just need a little encouragement to start it...


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