Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Well back to the wedding sampler that was suppose to be completed in August. I'm determined. Today I also finished a small project to from homespun elegance "Life is to short not to cross stitch" going to get mom to blanket stitch it onto a small bag for carrying my mini battery ott light around in. It was nice having most of the stitching girls together tonight and one that even made the long trip down to spend the evening with us. I sent the power in the mist off with Jayne to get a mat done for it. It is going to rock so you guys will have to be a little more patient for a picture till I get it back.
Hubby made it back from Quebec today even though finding out that he fell asleep at the wheel a couple times then finally pulled over. Gee scared the bajeesers out of me! He is safe, tomorrow is another day and hopefully it will be better for the both of us....cross your fingers for us.....
Thanks for reading my blog I really enjoy reading all the comments I receive (at work on my blackberry) throughout the day. It usually brings a smile to my face during stressful periods of the day.

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