Saturday, October 23, 2010

What an exciting tired day....min by min

ok lets see 2 hours sleep awake at 4 am because a snoring stuffed up husband....uggghhh...moved downstairs to the couch and slept till 6. I do not like 6 am did I not mention before I am not a morning person!!
Off to the Go-train I went happily though--(even forgot to get my bigger bag ready to bring and water and a couple other things but I didn't forget my ticket thank God.
Made it to the train and it wasn't late. It takes about an hour to get to downtown Toronto from Aldershot (Waterdown) so I had a good nap in the train since it was empty.
I made it to Union got a Cinnimon bun (what diet) and a big old chocolate moo (my fave) and headed to find my way to the convention centre SOUTH building. Seems this is a big thing lol. A nice security guard saw me looking at the map and wa kind to direct me so I had noooo problems getting to my class with time to spare.

Our teachers name is Mikey the one on the right (his partner is on his left (Dan))
Super nice guy and it was his first time at the creative festival ever, so he was so excited. Our class caught on quick and away we went thank God Grandma taught me some crochet when I was little it helped a lot. She's smiling down at me now and maybe doing a happy dance or two also. She always wanted me to crochet.
Here is my finished square, yes its a little wonky cause I have to learn how to control my tension. I had that problem with knitting too.\

So now I am going to start my afghan for my bed.
So after created this square in 1 1/2. I headed down the the exhibits to shop and shop I did.
I met a cross stitch designer and of course fell in love with three of her patterns but I only bought two.
sorry the picture isn't that great. I got a keychain too it way too cute to pass up.\
then I looked at quilt stuff for my mom, mom missed out this year and because she missed all her daughters phone calls in the morning (because she was shopping in the states) I didn't buy too much quilt things. Just one thing for Christmas. Anyhow then I finally came to the place I wanted to see a new fabric place from New Jersey heres their link and here is what I bought don't be jealous.
yah lighting sucks here too but your not seeing things those are paw prints and its even weave. I am going to do Lizzie*Kates Cat Rules on it!!
Then I picked up a few easy (i hope) sewing patterns, since I am not a good sewer, I am going to try though when I get some patience
Finally got off the train around 2pm and headed to Lens mill to but a certain yarn to make the blanket for my bed
ok so I am off to do another granny square thank God there is a tutorial on u-tube because I cannot read the dumb patterns. Anyway I made a page just about my grannys.
Hubby and I watching the Habs game and I have to get up at 5:45 on a Sunday %$#@ to go to a stupid a*% staff meeting. Maybe they won't mind if I sleep through it lol


  1. Love the stash! I so have to go with you to the next craft show! Glad you enjoyed your class and that all in all, you had a great day! I totally sympathize with the snoring hubby issue - I will willingly sleep downstairs tonight! He's still doing inventory!
    See you Wednesday and happy snoozing at the meeting!

  2. What a ton of stash! Glad you had fun at the class.


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