Thursday, November 18, 2010

If I had a million dollars.....I'd stay home and stitch lol  LOL sorry had too for those of you who don't know the story here it is...

Tonight I watched Big Bang Theory, Greys Anatomy, 2 eposodes of Y & R. 1 episode of criminal minds, drive in diners and dives, and Unwrapped. I always look forward to Thursday night because its my tv night. Although I did miss Vampire Diaries because it was a rerun it will be that much better when its back on again I guess.
But i must say I now have the sampler all but complete except the names and beads, that will be tomorrows chore I guess. Tomorrow I'm off to get our tickets for Harry Potter on Saturday hopefully I will not have to wait to long in line. Eric will find out about his job today just hope his patience holds up because he has none!! I am worried though that if he does not get this job he will crash again....heres hoping AGAIN!
Well I guess I should be off to bed don't want to though because that just means I have to wake up to go back to work. I think I need another vacation! Seriously when are we going to start having another retreat for fall lol. I wouldn't be able to afford it anyways but a free one would be cool don't you think. Maybe a slumber party stitch in that is all weekend although I don't think that would fly with some people that they would have to sleep on the floor oh well just a thought anyways. Hopefully I will have some nice updates on the weekend of a stupid sampler that is finished lol
Happy Weekend Stitching TGIF!!!

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