Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm back

Man it really feels like I haven't been on here forever!! Well after hitting the stores last Saturday it has been a whirl win of a week!! We had about 20 of the big bosses from Shoppers in my store on Wednesday so I had been working extra hours and cleaning for the past two weeks. Thank God I had help because I don't think I would have gotten through it!! The pharmacy ended up getting a 98% and the other 2% was uncontrollable so we did really well!!

Today I managed to talk my husband into heading to the mall with me so I could pick out something for my Christmas Present. Really I am not that hard to buy for I usually give him a list. But the fool sometimes doesn't use the list and I end up with something like car mats lol. Oh well he has a good heart!! Anyways we hit Peoples Jewelery because I really wanted a new ring. and I had saw one online. So he got it for me!!! Now he doesn't have to worry about shopping, I had bought his mom her perfume, our niece is getting money and my brother in law a really nice shirt. So his family is done. Now I just have to get one last thing for my mom and dad and there done too yeah!! Then comes the expensive part of mailing everything off. Why it post soooo expensive?? Tomorrow I have to go pick up a couple things from Micheals for my last minute touches to my ornies for my exchange. Excited to have them done and ready to go I hope who ever ends up with them likes them as much as I do!!

I have been having troubles uploading pictures on my blog so I am going to try again at the bottom of this post lets cross our fingers...

stash from Cambridge

Look the border finally met up now to add the names!!!


  1. Your tree is so pretty! (Just finished doing mine and thought it was time for a break.)

    Isn't new stash always fun?? Enjoy! :^)

  2. I love your tree! Now you can relax and enjoy the lights while you stitch - what a great combination!

  3. Absolutely GORGEOUS tree!
    We mostly send gift cards any more because of the postage! By the time we pay it we could have added more to a gift card, so that's what we do now.
    I love that wedding sampler. If I went back in your blog I could probably find the designer but could you save me a trip?
    Stash is always fun, isn't it?

  4. HI Peggy the sampler is called Wedding Sampler by Lisa Cowell. when and if you do the it though some advice the border is a real pain. I redid it I think 4 times. I would suggest doing the words first just so you can make sure the border line up properly and continuous checking. It was so much of a pain but it came out awesome!!


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